Saving Money on Products Made in China can be Costly

Large Corporations, small companies and backyard farms all have one thing in common….saving money. But when it comes to where you purchase your shoe covers and gloves for bio-security purposes, saving money can be costing you more than you think.

Most of the world’s supply of rubber gloves, shoe covers and other personal protective products are manufactured in Asia, mainly China. For China corporations to sell these less expensive products to American consumers, they cut costs. Sometimes they are passing on to you, not only cost savings but, dangerous bio-burden.

You may not know, but rubber supports bacteria growth. Consider a factory in China, where conditions are dirty, open air, rural with sometimes chickens walking around throughout the factory. Workers in these factories often come in contact with garbage and possibly chicken droppings while working. The potential for bio-burden from unclean conditions of the worker or work area, being transferred to rubber products is high. A contaminated case of rubber products from a factory in China could be opened in an American food processing plant or poultry producing farm with a dangerous disease inside. That can be very costly!

I.S.A. Corporation has two plants in North America that produce rubber products. Our plants are located in modern industrial areas and our facilities are tightly controlled. Unlike China, our shoe covers are chlorinated, prior to packaging, and packaged in closely monitored conditions so as to eliminate the possibility of contamination. It is important to I.S.A. Corporation that our products are of the highest quality, and do what they are manufactured to do…provide protection. Safe, reliable protection against harmful diseases to people and animals.

Made in America, saving your peace of mind is always worth it!

By Lori Jane

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