Pet Food Manufacturing Employees Step into I.S.A. Corporation Shoe Covers

In the last quarter, I.S.A. Corporation has added Pet Food Manufacturers to its list of companies that purchase our FlatFoot shoe covers as part of their employee’s personal protective equipment (“PPE”).

Food Manufacturers who produce food for human consumption have always been strictly monitored by the FDA when it comes to safety and proper PPE. The recent attention on pet food safety is placing pet food manufactures and their safety guidelines under strict scrutiny with the FDA and the public.

During a recent visit to a cheese manufacturing plant, a plant safety team for a Northeast Pet Food Manufacturing plant were required to wear I.S.A. Corporation FlatFoot shoe covers while touring the cheese plant as a contamination barrier. After returning to their home plant, it was unanimous that the team wanted to implement ISA Corporation shoe covers in their own PPE program.

Pet lovers everywhere should feel good knowing that I.S.A. Corporation is producing a good, reliable shoe cover, right here in North America for pet food manufacturing employees to wear and protect your pet’s food from contamination.

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