Here at I.S.A Corporation, the food manufacturing industry is one of our market segments for our Flatfoot disposable shoe covers. One of the many applications this industry uses our rubber shoe covers in, is the requirement of service techs, maintenance and visitors that enter their plants to wear them at all times. Lately, the commercial and home service industries, such as janitorial services, plumbers, electricians and other contractors have become our customers as well for the same application of use. They have found that our rubber shoe covers are ideal for using when entering homes or businesses to keep floors clean when having to go in and out with dirty boots.

Unlike the cloth covers or the plastic bag versions, I.S.A Corporation’s Flatfoot Shoe Covers are manufactured with an etched surface that offers slip resistance for wet and dry applications. The 100% natural rubber that they are made from offers superior resistance to cuts and punctures that many service techs in an out of homes or businesses need protection from while in certain areas, especially construction zones around structures.

Recently, a plumbing contractor made a comment that the durability, and ease of donning and duffing our shoe covers was superior to no other shoe cover their techs have ever used. Our I.S.A sales team will soon be shipping our Flatfoot shoe covers to all their locations to be part of their uniform standard, and to have available in their trucks when a reliable shoe cover is required.

I.S.A Corporation appreciates the service industry and happy they appreciate our products!

By Lori Jane

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