PacPoly Rubber Shoe Covers

PacPoly Rubber Shoe Covers

PacPoly rubber shoe covers protect better and last longer than other protective shoe covers.

Our shoe covers surpass the physical requirements of general industrial use. As a result of their superior resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, cuts, punctures and snags, our rubber shoe covers provide a reliable barrier against dermal contamination.

Each shoe cover is made from 100% natural latex rubber and has a molded tread design which offers excellent slip resistance in wet and dry applications.

PacPoly Rubber Shoe Covers are designed specifically for use in food processing plant operations, clean-ups, and in the processing of materials for shipping. PACPOLY shoe covers are a high-end solution for contamination protection, safety and reliability.

Our shoecovers are:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 100% inspected
  • Made with high-density, natural latex rubber
  • Manufactured with a powder-free process
  • Abrasion and Puncture Resistant
  • Have a molded tread design

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