Black Velvet Beauty & Tattoo Gloves

I.S.A. Corporation’s Black Velvet Beauty &  Tattoo Gloves are designed specifically for the beauty & tattoo industry.

Outstanding ultra smooth finish, this re-usable glove slides through hair and over skin with ease.

Black Velvet is a non-powdered glove which increases the stylists/artist sensitivity during applications.

Black Velvet is designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity in diverse wet and dry environments.

The rolled bead cuff makes it a more durable glove and provides better support for glove multiple usages.

Superior resistance to abrasions, cuts, inks, dyes, punctures and snag.

Black Velvet gloves are made from 100% natural latex rubbers.

Recommended by the most prestigious stylists and artists.

Meets USDA regulations.