Encourage Positive Brand Association. Flatfoot® Shoe Covers Help Protect Consumers and Your Brand from Listeria Monocytogenes.

Food processing plants are at particular risk for contamination from Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria bacterium can easily spread from outside, into a plant environment. ISA Flatfoot® shoe covers provide clean, food code and Prop 65 compliant, waterproof protection and are a critical step in superior biosecurity. We supply a quality 100% inspected product every time. With biosecurity there is no room for error.

Cold-processed foods, not pasteurized or cooked at a high heat (min 165 degrees) such as:

  • soft cheese
  • deli-sliced meats
  • packaged salads
  • hardboiled egg products
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
    are at a particularly high risk, as Listeria can survive refrigeration and deep freezing.

Employees, visitors, contractors and delivery personnel all have the potential to inadvertently introduce Listeria through contaminated shoes or boots.

Media headlines of a recall linking a brand to a Listeria outbreak, place the issue front and center in public view. The company and related brand will take a negative hit resulting in financial and emotional consequences that can be very damaging.

  • Financial cost of a recall including
  • Damage to the company reputation and
    trust in related brands
  • Lost production time
  • The emotional cost related to people
    sickened or worse, as a result of exposure to contaminated product

It takes years to build a successful brand. Implementing our ISA Flatfoots® is a proactive step toward protecting it.  ISA Flatfoots® can help you provide safe product and a confident brand association with consumers who places their trust in you.

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